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Feedback from Parents just like you.

"The first and most powerful gift Chess can provide is a self-confidence that transforms a child’s view of his or her potential.  The knowledge that you can compete, succeed, and enjoy yourself on an intellectual level applies to everything you undertake in life."


- Grandmaster Gary Kasparov, Former World Champion

"I'm so impressed with how excited both my son and daughter were after their first chess class with Vellotti's Chess Kids.  We got out the chess board that their grandfather hand-made for the very first time, and we haven't stopped playing since!  We even bought a magnetic chess set so we can play when we go camping too!"


- Jerry H.

"You do a great job! Thank you so much for all that you do for the kids."


- Leslie M.

"I don't know how you do it! My kindergartener hasn't stopped talking about chess since your class today. My 2nd grader also thinks you are great and sooo funny! Thanks for bringing my children so much joy through chess."


- Heidi M.

"Thank you for making this such a fun and creative environment for the kids! I can tell Nicholas has come away every day feeling 

special and excited about continuing to learn.


I appreciate how you welcome every child and make them feel valued and welcome. 

He's hooked!"


- Jen K.


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